Workshops and Conferencing

A satisfied customer and employee is the best business strategy of all!

Dyadanac assists in coordinating company conferences and workshops

Why is it important to run conferences and workshops for your employees?

  • Opportunities to network
  • Gaining Knowledge
  • Increase your proficiency
  • Getting Inspired
  • Having Fun

Conference/workshop attendees can find a newly acquired burst of energy and the want to perform at their best, which in turn leads to increased productivity and a more profitable business.

Dyadanac Services offer the following:

  • Coordinate workshop and conferences to established goals, who is to be reached, how many people, what issues are most important to the participants, how long is the workshop to be, what is the budget
  • Research & proposes affordable, appropriate and accessible venues
  • Coordinate workable dates for targeted audiences
  • Invite and inform participants
  • Work with organizers, facilitators and presenters
  • Organize the venue and logistics – Making sure everything runs smoothly that is an important part in setting participants up to focus on learning
  • Food, Travel, Transport and Lodging
  • Coordinate services and aids to match up with activities.

Have a great time, remember to breathe enjoy time getting to know the other participants. Stay energized, plenty games to be played, document the event with plenty photos.

Throughout the experience, from start to finish of a leadership workshop/conference, remain mindful of the purpose. The aim is to build a movement strong enough, large enough, and deep enough to transform your world.