Services Dyadanac offers

Dyadanac’s global-caliber expertise, combined with the Dyadanac’s Client’s project management & team capabilities, provides tailored solutions for the project, irrespective of the size, scope or complexity.

Together the Client-Consultant dyad customizes, socializes & mobilizes integrated project and construction management solutions that go beyond project management software systems. The deliverables comprise of procedures to plan projects with ease, provide in depth insight, keep track of time, manage costs, interface seamlessly, improve accountability, empower decision making, network for best results, review workflows, assure compliance, improve the team’s delivery productivity and ensure governance.

Dyadanac’s specialist services are packaged to provide granularity and definition for clarity and pinpoint scoping. The aim of each package is to develop and implement self sufficient project processes or enhance existing procedures to deliver optimal performance. The packages can be customized and amalgamated to suit the project management & team requirements.

Project Charter & Governance

Anchors to the objectives, navigators along the way!

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Project Execution Planning

How to start every project on the right foot: a single consolidated...

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Baselining the Project's Triple Constraints

Agreed plan, prior to starting, to measure against: Time, budget...

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Quality Manual, Compliance & Assurance

Right, the first time!

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Organization, Roles & Responsibilities, Team Building

Stakeholders are groups or organizations that have interest...

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Controls, Variance & Change Management

Tracking progress by monitoring & measuring, understanding...

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Contracting, Procurement & Purchasing

bringing prospects and sustainable partnerships to communities...

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Integration, Collaboration & Communication

It requires duty of care to build a project culture that values...

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Health, Safety and Environment Management

To maintain exceptionally high standards for health, safety...

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Risk & Opportunity Management

Is a conscious continuous process of identification...

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Construction & Site Management

Creating long-term viable plants & installations aligned...

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Hand-over & Close-Out

Initiated right from the beginning of implementation stage...

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Manage the pitfalls

Depending on its size or complexity, projects may be intrinsically...

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Project development through a series of stages increases...

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Workshops and Conferencing

Dyadanac Services are here to assist you in organizing...

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