Project development through a series of stages increases the confidence in the economic and technical parameters progressively. Central to this success is a clear mandate and performance norms in support of decisions for the next stage

Dyadanac – Front-end-engineering & development safeguarding

Dyadanac consults on the objectives and criteria for the different stages in accordance with global standards, and assists to evaluate conformity with these, or with existing pre-set corporate requirements. Dyadanac executes scoping reviews at the onset, and investment proposals upon completion of each stage and propose improvements to resolve issues to enable clear decisions.

Each stage has two facets, both equally important to achieve objectives:

- Direction setting, organizing and controlling
- Executing, interfacing, integrating and delivering
Each facet requires input and development of the parts which forms the whole, ie business, technical, commercial, legal, community, marketing, construction and operations (as well as transitions), including their essential quality, health, safety, environmental and risk considerations. Management and functional groups work hand-in-hand to achieve the stage mandate (team’s scope, budget and timeframe), to deliver the determined level of project progress (defining or achieving scope, time & cost).

Dyadanac evaluates and advises on each stage’s execution, as well as the management and functional project deliverables relative to that stage’s objectives:

  • Nominating and evaluating concepts and implications
  • Low-cost assessment of all possible options and order of magnitude cost & timeframes
  • Investigating and evaluating alternatives to determine the preferred option an associated key issues
  • Optimization of the option of choice, fully defining and freezing the scope at a high degree of certainty of cost and schedule in support of a respected financial, business and risk assessment
  • Implementation and execution

Over-and above these Study & Construction stages of projects differing in size or complexity, Dyadanac also conducts post-construction and post-investment reviews.

Verification is to check the deliverable is compliant with what was intended, but validation is checking that the deliverable provides the promised value!