Quality Manual, Compliance & Assurance:

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Quality Manual - encompasses all management and implementation processes

The Quality Manual is documented policies and procedures, and typical checklists, forms, or graphics, drawings, flowcharts, diagrams, IT systems that describe how to operate.

Dyadanac provides templates & checklist, guidance and content, as per the client’s requirements, for:

  • Policies
  • Management systems throughout plan & initiate, execute & control with measurable objectives, monitor & report stages
  • Processes: guidelines, procedures, forms

For all project functions & roles:

  • Engineering & Technology Management
  • Contracting, Procurement, Purchasing & Logistics
  • IT Systems & Networks
  • Legal Observance & Permitting
  • Risk & Opportunity Management
  • HSEQ Management
  • Governance & Assurance
  • Integration & Collaboration
  • Communications & Stakeholder Management
  • Cost-Breakdown, Estimating & Budgeting
  • Work-Breakdown, Planning & Scheduling
  • Project Control Services
  • Site Services & Material Management
  • Construction & Hand-over
  • Commissioning & Start-up
  • Document Management
  • Asset Management
  • Legal & Financial Observance

Compliance – verification compared to the intended

Compliance demonstrates what had been done, monitored, measured, verified, and complies within acceptable tolerances, and have been documented as registers, logs, competed forms, reports, meeting minutes and so on. Understand the benefits of using the right processes, tools, resources & people.

Dyadanac participates

Dyadanac participates in assurance surveillance, reviews or audits in accordance with the Client’s requirements to assess compliance, solicit quality manual discussions and ensure continuous improvement, in accordance with company’s internal policies, strategies and quality manual, or industry codes or practices.

An assurance management plan ensures deliberate, timely assessment and beneficial sharing, appraisal, posting & recalibration.

Following ISO 9000 requirements has the benefit of a thorough & structured approach.