Integration, Collaboration & Communication

It requires duty of care to build a project culture that values and rewards collaborative performance and tolerance for processes and systems which ensure effective communication and integration.

Changes, variations, action lists, revisions, decisions, initiatives, policies, processes & procedures are to be recorded, actioned as agreed and checked. It is crucial that all important documentation are catalogued and filed, with an audit trail covering all key decisions & justifications, with all appropriate back-up duly referenced. All stakeholders are to be consulted or informed as appropriate, by responsible resources, in accordance with their role’s commission.

Integration: trade-off among competing objectives or alternatives, cross functional coordination and inter-discipline understanding & dovetailing.

Dyadanac helps to:

  • Assimilate organizational strategies & policies in project objectives and procedures
  • Adjudicate constraints
  • Incorporate upfront outputs and follow-on input prerequisites
  • Inform on project management and information management systems’ functionality and assimilation
  • Implement work authorization, coordination, review and approval

Collaboration, the focus of a team

Working together as effectively as possible.

Dyadanac supports:

  • Groups into Teams: Form-storm-norm-perform, and adjourn at completion
  • Motivation: Respect, share, listen, reward, engage
  • Direct, coach, support and delegate as appropriate
  • Issues reporting & resolution, decision making & problem solving
  • Variation, lessons learned, corrective plans
  • Negotiation, diplomacy and stakeholder management

Communications - connect the team with the mission

Whether communication is written or oral, project communication is the compilation, propagation and disposition of appropriate information essential for success. Any business communication necessitates some record or warehousing of such information and transmittal records for possible future reference. .

Dyadanac advises on:

  • Communication models and protocols, internal & external
  • Project language, communication barriers and secrets of slick communication
  • Planning re information reporting & distribution, depending on the geographics, immediacy, complexity, applicable technology and systems integration
  • Sender-receiver, needs-fulfillment and value-for-success models
  • Choices of media, style & technique: Order of precedence in case of knowledge or conflict, or to the contrary, for resolving day-to-day issues in building relations
  • Distribution matrixes

Dyadanac also offers workshops on:

  • Leadership and management skills
  • Organization and communication planning
  • Reading the 'signs'
  • Team building commitment to tasks

and tools

  • Templates
  • Software
  • Techniques
  • Methodology (process/procedures).