Health, Safety, Environment Management

To maintain exceptionally high standards for health, safety and environmental protection and compliance, deeply ingrained in and fundamentals to everything. It is an obligation to stakeholders, an association between project and HSE experts, bonds of trust and realistic exchanges throughout the project to bring disagreeable behavior to an end.

Health & Safety – an ingrained value

Practicing safety and making health choices are more than a commitment or a priority, it is an instilled value to instinctively predict, to prevent and to protect

Dyadanac assists with systems and control

Setting realistic objectives within the statutory framework, defines organizational requirements, procedures and tools to use. Dyadanac helps with establishing management systems, competency development, conventions, investigations and continuous improvement, guides/rules and implementation. At the heart of the management, Dyadanac provides tools & techniques on identification, analysis and accomplishment of effective controls.

Regular revision of management plans, procedures and controls are prudent and Dyadanac conducts analysis on identified trends from prior incidents, findings, observations, recorded interactions, notifications and report, as well as industry experiences and legal changes, to assist in updates.

Environmental – from basics to scientific

Living a commitment of true partnership with the workplace, the surroundings, the community and the legacy

Dyadanac coordinates with and cooperate with Specialists and Consultants on specific environmental compliance requirements.

Planning, organizing, staffing, execution, controlling and reporting!