Hand-over & Close-out

Initiated right from the beginning of implementation stage, hand-over and close-out activities which aim to validate the construction integrity and confirm that the facilities are delivered in a safe, reliable and complete operational condition, and to purposefully and orderly abolish the project organization as a consequent.

Moving the project from the “end of construction” to the “successful operation” status, progressively proving initial static tests, follow-on dynamic tests and finally guarantee performance tests

These are the last visible steps of the project execution process. These steps are executed by specialist in their own right and each advancement is accompanied by an official hand-over signifying compliance and endorsement:

  • Completion of construction of components, hand-over to the pre-operational verification team
  • Successful pre-commissioning & systems assembly, hand-over to the commissioning team
  • Facility commissioning and start-up, hand-over to the operations team
  • Plant ramp-up & verified performance testing, final project stage & affirmed operational asset

Preceding every hand-over stage, each specialist team not only manages the development and execution of their own readiness and execution plan, but also manages the learning and organizational change management activities to ensure effective delivery and integration of their progressive contributions.

Operational readiness for the operations team includes:

  • Organizational readiness, training & change management
  • Operations & asset management
  • Commercial & financial management
  • Quality management, functional & technical support
  • Technical & business systems

Dyadanac provides services to assist with:

  • Planning both phases of commissioning
  • Management systems for safety during the commissioning phases
  • Commissioning teams organization
  • The processes of handover and acceptance
  • Surmounting common management challenges during commissioning/phases
  • Spare parts and consumables principles
  • Measuring progress and schedule
  • Structure of operational readiness planning

During project closure, managing the timely demobilization of resources appropriately is one of the single most challenging hurdles.

Dyadanac contributes support for remaining resources holding the project bag, to sustain execution:

  • Make sure to debrief in sufficient detail: Get final status report & lessons-learnt
  • Facilitate to finalize applicable documentation, with user’s acceptance & all approvals
  • Keep all departures & remaining resources fully engaged to the end and at all times, respectively
  • Keep early departures connected with the remaining team (off-line/ on-line)
  • WIFM (Whats-in it for me?) Bonus or move to new project
  • Celebrate! Appreciation wrap-up events