The basic structure of Dyadanac’s services

Broad overview supporting Dyadanac’s approach

The essence of Dyadanac’s services and interlinks

All the services listed in this Website are composed and presented from Dyadanac’s core skill and experience perspective of project management. Each service individually forms part of a layered structure of interrelated project management services to achieve one or more goals on projects.

Dyadanac executes, reviews and advises to Clients in pursuit of project management excellence and to projects adapting to their demanding environment.

Dyadanac has access to experienced functional specialists to undertake detailed functional management and scope. Dyadanac by and large set the functional goals, determine and plan the measures to achieve the goals in cooperation with these specialists, and if/when required, mobilizes the resources to plan and execute the actions.


The things we do or say inspire trust. In all our endeavors, we consistently:

  • strive for excellence
  • promote teamwork
  • demonstrate respect
  • care for everyone & the environment
  • focus on delivery


Both the Dyadanac and Dyadanac’s Client may disclose information to one another which they each desire that the other hold in confidence in accordance with the terms of a confidentiality agreement incorporated in the services agreement. The Recipient shall exercise no lesser security measures and degree of care than that which a commercial corporation acting reasonably under similar circumstances would exercise in relation to its own confidential information.

Dyadanac’s Client is considered the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights howsoever created or developed by Dyadanac, arising out of its engagement with the Client.