Engaged, focused delivery!

Pythagoreans spoke of a single point as a nomad, and a line as dyadic: value & direction, akin to a project – with a beginning and an end. Aristotle advocated collaboration as the dyad of two parts maintaining a significant relationship. Great companies trust Dyadanac.

Dyadanac supplies project & construction management consulting services to industrial and infrastructure disciplines, getting work done first time, on time, all the time. Confidential services range from collaborative execution, assessment & solutions, surveillance & advice, reviews & council, to audits and (re)commendations, here in the now. Appointments are assumed for planning and implementing project undertakings by Owners, the Engineer, Prime Contractors, implementation contractors and specialized suppliers, with focus on people, project and profits.

Project management is the discipline to plan, implement and close the work of the project team to achieve the specific project goals and meet the success criteria, by monitoring and continuous improvement of this temporary endeavor. Dyadanac collaborates within entities’ project policies, strategies and processes, or the industry codes and best practices for quality assurance & control, HSE systems & practices, engineering control, procurement services, construction & site management, planning & control, as well as effective communication and governance.

Every project is unique

Every project is unique with scope, budgets and timeframes, with differing team dynamics and opportunities. Achieving project success is safely delivering on time, at the appropriate quality, within budget, again and again. Managing success is the application of experience, knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to balance the competing demands of:


Appropriate resourcing and processes: Governance, quality assurance & control, HSE systems and practices, project planning and control, engineering control management, procurements services, construction and site management, close-out!


Dyadanac is committed to increasing its value to customers, employees and shareholders by profitably providing quality services, while upholding the highest level of ethical conduct and meeting its responsibilities.