Controls, Variance & Change Management

Tracking progress by monitoring & measuring, understanding the performance, and adapting to changing circumstances.

The most basic performance indicators at any stage on a project are:

  • Scope delivered
  • The percentage of time that passed versus time planned for that scope
  • Budget spent to plan and to date.

Dyadanac - analysis and interpretation

Irrespective of the control system used and data generated, Dyadanac assists to interpret the system output in terms of these three indicators, aids in the variation analysis, and supports in determining the appropriate response to the performance.

It is a matter of looping-back-to-plan, and the following pointers are helpful, if supported by the control system:

  • Commitments, Billing Forecast and Invoiced Work
  • Progress Verification, Valuation, Accruals and Productivity
  • Incurred Costs
  • Schedule activity tracking
  • Contingency Management
  • Cost Trending and Forecast
  • Earned Value
  • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable, Cash-flow.

Dyadanac – threats & deviancies

Dyadanac prompts teams to envisage future risks which may arise, guides to resolve issues identified which are influencing the execution plan, and frame the importance and urgency of actual technical deviations, errors or omissions, through:

  • Risk Registers
  • Issue lists: Pending Trends & Trends
  • Non-conformances & Deficiency Lists

Change Control – inevitable and unavoidable

Change Control is a process for collecting such requests, investigate and categorize the impact, get decisions, implement it in the scope/time/cost baseline, and monitor the execution of the change.

Dyadanac provides processes and practices to:

  • List change request, verify as ‘change’ versus existing project baseline
  • Understand the impact, validate versus the charter, assess the severity of disruption based on the scope/quality/time/cost implications
  • Communicate the impacts, inform stakeholders and expedite agreements within change authority
  • Advise all affected team members, re-plan and implement in the baseline control
  • Configuration management


  • Standard Reports
  • Dashboards

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