Contracting, Procurement & Purchasing

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Contracts: To offer innovative terms to customers and deliver greater value to stakeholders.

Participants: Owner, Financier, Operator, Concessionaire, Developer, Implementer, Designers, Constructor.
Participation: Independent Entities, Partnering, Joint Ventures, Consortiums.
Delivery Models: Management, Construct, Design & Construct, Turnkey, Build & Operate, BOT (build/operate/transfer), and financing can be added to several models.
Delivery Terms: Time-&-Material, Re-measurable, Lump Sum, and incentives & liabilities can be added.
Solicitation: Competitive bidding or proposals, invited proposals, non-competitive bidding or sole sourcing, blanket agreements.

Dyadanac consults from a project management perspective

Dyadanac consults on the advantages and disadvantages for the different participants on different models & terms. Dyadanac confer with participants on available standard contracting models, forms, and terms. Dyadanac has access to provide specialists to review and advises on details of contract terms & conditions.

Procurement & Purchasing: the acquisition of goods and services to accomplish the goals of the project.

Processes vary greatly between organizations. Purchasing and procurement differ, with purchasing normally associated with off-the-shelve items, whilst procurement may also include design-supply items, but also expediting, supplier quality verification, transportation and logistics (T&L) in addition to purchasing.

Dyadanac offers standard indexes to contracts, performa contracts and agreements, and assists in:

  • Contracting & purchasing strategies & plans
  • Contractor & supplier evaluation and rating
  • Negotiations
  • Bid evaluations
  • Contract or order administration, with model forms and reports
  • Effective contract close-outs
  • Claim management and adjudication

Crucial: Identify project warning signals and act to keep your project on track!