Construction & Site Management

Creating long-term viable plants & installations aligned to productivity targets, while leaving positive social and environmental legacies – complete sustainable solutions

Construction – the services to construct and the construction to deliver

Construction is the safe and timely erection of quality deliverables at the appropriate cost, the effective provision of facilitating site construction services, and sustained deployment of competent construction personnel. The high-level key drivers of the construction delivery model are the strategic pillars of Health, People, Communities and Environment.

Existing brown-field facilities construction demand shortened downtime and zero unplanned interruptions. Demolition has its own peculiarities and all health/environmental risks are to be fully understood in developing execution plans. Remote sites in harsh environments of extreme weather and unique requirements such as lack of existing infrastructure, challenged logistics and skilled-labor shortages, necessitate specialized survey, analysis, defining, planning, monitoring, executing, and closing. Effective site-material control programs (receiving, warehousing, management and preservation) optimize flow of materials and relevant information.

Labor force strategies and engaged supervision ensure productive application of resources. A comprehensive pre-, post- and deployment policy includes logistical support, accommodation and training, as well as the provision of facilities, infrastructure and services. Security risk considerations are essential.

Employing effective and sound contracts provides for aligned construction expectations, roles, responsibilities and accountability. Unambiguous goals and objectives drive success. Regular review, monitor and measure of performance against safety, quality, budget and schedule and overall management based on on weighted score card and KPIs. It aligns performance with accountability. Wagering portions of fees on performance results, adds benefit.

Dyadanac consults on strategically focused constructability workshops with a goal to maximize the understanding of construction needs, priorities and delivery requirements:

  • Promoting the welfare of the workforce, enhance labour productivity, reduce turnover, normalize expectations, maximize the benefit and employment of local capabilities
  • Co-operative labour unions, and influential or impact stakeholders to maintain project harmony
  • Due diligence on pre-assembly and pre-fabrication off-site delivery techniques
  • Rigorous site measurement of performance metrics, proactive management & control of deviations
  • Facilitate the site team’s application of construction permits and occupancy permits
  • Implementing LEAN to trigger rapid system adjustments for continuous learning
  • Performing due diligence in identification, tracking and strict adherence to environmental requirements, local community regulations and permits
  • Detailed Construction Procedures, for project specific requirements
    - Construction organization; roles & responsibilities
    - Field controls management, reporting and trending
    - Roll-Out/Roll-Back Site Logistics, Traffic Management and Lay-down Plan
    - Common infrastructure plan, i.e. camps, temporary utilities, medical, site security
    - Material control and inventory management plan